B.A. E.P.S. (Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Political Science and Sociology)

Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Political Science and Sociology [B.A. (E.P.S.)] program is a three-year undergraduate course which is of an interdisciplinary nature that focusses on understanding the social and human phenomena through Social Sciences and Philosophy which have practical applications in real life situations.

Economics: It is a course that sensitizes the students to the determinants and controlling factors of production, distribution and consumption of goods from the smallest organizations to the national regimes. The course offers a description of ideas related to Macro and Micro-Economics with their focus on mathematical applications and also to detailed econometric models. The major thrust areas of the course are: Business Economics, Managerial Economics, Economics of Infrastructure, Monetary Economics, International Business Environment, Public Economics, Corporate Economics, Mathematics for Economists, Rural Development and Cooperation, Economics of Tourism, Human Resource Management, Statistics for Economics, Karnataka Economy and Hospitality Economics. It is designed to instill a spirit of enquiry in the students.
Political Science: A course that delves into core concepts of Political Science, Political Theory, Public Administration, Western and Eastern Political Thought, Indian Constitution and its Institutional Framework, International Politics, Major Constitutional Systems, International Institutions and Foreign Policies. It aims at sensitizing the students to the various types and forms of government and different research methods in the field of Political Science.

Sociology: From social stratification to Globalization, understanding identity and alterity, it elucidates the theoretical and methodical functions of Sociology. The course also aims at exposing the students to the different perspectives of Sociology and inculcating a research aptitude in them. The major thrust areas related to Sociology are Fundamentals of Sociology, Social Institutions, Sociology of Mass Media and Communication, Anthropology, Sociology of Women, Sociology of Health and Medicine, Methods and Techniques of Social Research and Current Social Problems of India.

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