Ms. Uma Gopal

Ms. Uma Gopal

M.Sc, M.Phil, MA(MCJ)
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1. Acetylcholine and Cholinesterase levels in the brain of Ethanol treated rats: Indian Journal of Physiol and Pharmacol, | 36(4):289-290

2. Names and Names : The Stateman, April 12: 2012 Edition

3. Ecofeminism: A Means to Empower Women to Build Sustainable Societies: An Indian Perspective: © 2018 IJCRT | Volume 6, Issue 2 April 2018 | ISSN: 2320-2882

4. Explication of the following lessons published on SCRIBD:


  • The Language of the Law : by Urban.A.Lavery: explication available at In the Court by Anton Chekhov: explication available at
  • The Five Functions of a Lawyer by Arthur T Vanderbilt: explication available at
  • Cross examination by Sir Charles Russell of Pigott before the Parnell Commission: explication available at
  • On the Entirely Reasonable Murder of a Police Constable by G B Shaw: explication available at
  • The Law is a Jealous Mistress by Joseph W. Planck: explication available at

5. Foreign-Words-and-Legal-Maxims: Explication available at
6. The Feminine Gender: Marginalised Across Nations - Re-mapping Identity, Culture and History through Literature : Published by Veda Publications: E-ISBN : 978-93-87844-18-6

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