Certificate Course in Python

he Python Class Certification Training course introduces the student to the Python language. Upon completion of this Python Class Certification Training, the student will be able to write non trivial Python programs dealing with a wide variety of subject matter domains. The course is supplemented with many hands on labs using either Linux or Windows. Python is powerful, portable, object-oriented open source programming language for writing stand alone programs, quick scripts, and prototypes for large applications.
This course is designed for anyone who needs to learn how to write programs in Python. Student with the background of C Programming and Knowledge of Object-oriented programming would be an advantage.
Upon completion of Python Class Certification Training, students will be able to:

  • Execute Python code in a variety of environments
  • Use correct Python syntax in Python programs
  • Use the correct Python control flow construct
  • Write Python programs using various collection data types
  • Write home grown Python functions
  • Use many of the standard Python modules such as os, sys, math, and time
  • Trap various errors via the Python Exception Handling model
  • Use the IO model in Python to read and write disk files
  • Create their own classes and use existing Python classes
  • Understand and use the Object Oriented paradigm in Python programs
  • Use the Python Regular Expression capabilities for data verification

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Admissions Open for UG & PG 2022. Click here to Apply.