Certificate Course in Hypnosis

A 30 hours intensive training course by Christ Academy in association with Mind Matters Clinic and IACAH, Bangalore.
We have all heard so much from many sources about the potential and power of the mind, and about the success of Hypnosis in working with the mind, especially our unconscious mind. Validation through scientific experiments has led to Clinical hypnotherapy being recognized as an independent, effective, ‘evidence based’ treatment modality by the W.H.O., the British and American Medical Associations, and the American Psychological Association. Books that speak of the ‘Power of the Unconscious Mind’ and the ‘Unlimited potential of the Unconscious’ can now be seen more commonly at book stores these days. Hypnotherapy has currently evolved as an effective therapy and self enhancement skill. All this makes us curious about Hypnotherapy and its applications in counselling and Psychotherapy.
Unfortunately, teaching hypnosis is still in infancy today. We do not have qualified professionals who offer training and teach hypnosis in a systematic way. Also many of the courses currently available are not authentic, updated or based on current clinical research.
In the west hypnosis is taught in medical schools and in graduate training courses in Psychology. World class Universities like Harvard and Stanford run training courses and hypnosis laboratories with world class faculty to lead it.
At this juncture, we offer you a course that includes world class training in hypnosis. The objective of the training course is to equip the participants to understand the psychophysiology of hypnosis and the experiential process of Self-Hypnosis.

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Admissions open for UG & PG Programs 2023 - 2024