Mr. Muhammadriyaj Faniband

Mr. Muhammadriyaj Faniband

M. Com., M.Phil., (PhD)
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Book Chapter

  1. Government Policies and Foreign Direct Investment Inflows: Evidence from Infrastructure Sector in India (2022) Intelligent Infrastructure in Transportation and Management, Springer, Singapore.
  2. Sustainable Infrastructure Development in India: Drivers and Barriers (2022), Infrastructure Planning and Management in India, Springer, Singapore.


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  15. Relationship between Tea Industry Specific Factors and Tea Companies Share Prices: Empirical Evidence from an Emerging Economy (In Press), International Journal of Business and Globalisation

Peer Reviewer

  • International Journal of Business and Globalisation
  • Asia-Pacific Financial Markets
  • Journal of Public Affairs
  • International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business
  • Asian Journal of Economics, Business and Accounting
  • Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology
  • Journal of Economics, Management and Trade
  • Journal of Pharmaceutical Research International
  • Open Science Journal
  • South Asian Journal of Social Studies and Economics
  • Asian Research Journal of Current Science


Avishkar Research Fellow
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