The influence of Science and Technology has permeated every aspect of our life thereby becoming inevitable for a brighter future. Christ Academy Institute for Advanced Studies comprehends that research and development leading to a holistic education is the definite path to progress. Therefore, the courses offered by this department have been designed to cater to the contemporary needs of the students and are supported by the best faculty members and state-of-the-art infrastructure. The Bachelor of Science provides a multitude of avenues related to choices of study, graduate pathways, career outcomes, and the opportunity to tailor one’s needs to suit his/her interests and goals. It launches budding researchers in health, science, technology, and engineering systems.

The Department of Science offers multiple courses in diverse subjects such as Computer Applications, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics and Economics.

Why BSc Honours in CAIAS?

The Department of Science, CAIAS nurtures a learning environment for high-quality education by providing scientific deft and state of art facilities.  The department offers the following undergraduate course BSc.Honours  affiliated to Bangalore University, 

B Sc Physics & Mathematics

B Sc Chemistry & Mathematics

B Sc Computer Science & Mathematics

B Sc Computer Science & Psychology

BSc Honors is a four-year course with multiple exit points as per the new Education Policy.   Each semester includes appropriate and comprehensive practical papers which expose students to practical applications of the theory subjects. For students hoping to pursue further studies, it will enable them to get a Master's degree, in one-year only. 

The purpose of the course is to provide the key knowledge base and practical skills that prepare students for careers as professionals in various industries and research institutions. Learners will be equipped with solid subject knowledge as well as the skills needed for employment in teaching, industry, and research. 

Physics is a scientific discipline perceived and understood by interacting with our surroundings. Physics is the science that involves the study of matter, its motion, and behavior through space and time along with related concepts such as energy and force. Undergraduate degree in Physics provides an in-depth knowledge of the principles of Physics and its practical application & theories. It aims at inculcating a spirit of inquiry and research aptitude in the students.

Chemistry is a scientific discipline that involves the study of matter, its compositions, properties, and reactivity with other elements. An undergraduate degree in Chemistry provides a foundation for understanding both the theoretical and applied scientific disciplines from the fundamental level. Students will study basic principles of various branches of Chemistry and will be able to demonstrate a range of practical skills to conduct and infer experiments independently and in groups

Mathematics is the language of the Universe and Queen of Sciences. An undergraduate degree in Mathematics is the culmination of in-depth knowledge in various branches of Pure and Applied Mathematics. This course improves the ability to communicate various mathematical concepts effectively using examples and their geometrical visualization using computer-based practicals for Mathematics by using Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) tools like MAXIMA, PYTHON, etc.

The scope of Computer Science has widened and has foregrounded it in the field of research and development. The course sensitizes the students to the recent advances in the field and helps them to envision the upcoming challenges in it. The curriculum is designed to allow the students to attain substantial knowledge in programming concepts while enabling them to align with current industry trends. 

 Psychology is a science that helps in understanding human thoughts and behavior. B Sc Honors in Psychology will enable students to become valuable assets to any organization requiring a psychologist with a robust and comprehensive knowledge of the subject. In addition, the research project, as well as internships, will enable students to apply their knowledge in the real world.



The BSc and BSc (Hons) course aims at placing a strong foundation of your respective subject at the undergraduate level, to facilitate multiple career paths for students. The graduated students can take up postgraduate programmes in their respective discipline or can adopt business management or can pursue a teaching profession career.  Interested individuals can pursue Doctoral studies after one year of post-graduation in the subject. Science graduates can find ample career openings both in public as well as private sector enterprises. They can apply for all governmental jobs that insist on graduation as the basic qualification. One can find various opportunities in the instrumentation industry, research institutions, governmental organizations like DRDO, VSSC, ISRO, SSPL, etc,  as well as in the public sector and in the Indian defense. 



The Bachelor of Science (honours) program empowers students to attain the following added qualities by the time of graduation:

  • To be scientifically literate and technologically capable problem solvers who can comprehend global issues and provide solutions (The skills and knowledge gained in this program will lead to the proficiency in analytical reasoning which can be used for solving  real-life problems )

  • The skill to work independently on an extensive project and work as an effective team member for various activities.

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