B. Sc. C. M. S. (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics)

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics [B.Sc. (C.M.S.)] program is a three-year undergraduate course that is designed to enable the students to face the challenges of the IT industry.
Computer Science: The scope of Computer Science has widened and has foregrounded it in the field of research and development. The course has a theoretical component coupled with a practical component. The course sensitizes the students to the recent advances in the field and helps them to envision the upcoming challenges in it.

Mathematics: The course in Mathematics is designed for “knowledge, study and learning”. It has a theoretical and a practical component in it. The course aims at easy explication of formidable mathematical concepts. It helps the students to enjoy Mathematics, pose and solve meaningful problems, use abstraction to perceive relationships and structure as well as to understand the basic structure of the subject. The course enables the students to use Mathematics for real life applications.

Statistics: Statistics is a branch of Mathematics that is quintessential to research. The course focusses on interpretation of data which is a key function in data analysis. It aims to train students regarding various statistical concepts that are concerned with the collection, classification, tabulation, analysis and interpretation of data. The course has a theoretical component and a practical component to it.

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