Ms. Sherin Rison

Ms. Sherin Rison

M.Sc Chemistry, (PhD - Electro Chemistry)
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"Platinum decorated polythiophene modified stainless steel for electrocatalytic oxidation of benzyl alcohol." Journal of Applied Electrochemistry 49.9 (2019): 937-947. Publisher: Springer ; Impact factor: 2.39, Scopus indexed

"Molecularly imprinted PEDOT on carbon fiber paper electrode for the electrochemical determination of 2, 4-dichlorophenol." Synthetic Metals 261 (2020): 116309. Publisher: Elsevier ; Impact factor: 2.9, Scopus indexed

"MnO2 Nanoclusters Decorated on Graphene Modified Pencil Graphite Electrode for Non‐Enzymatic Determination of Cholesterol." Electroanalysis 32.10 (2020): 2128-2136. Publisher : Wiley Online library ; Impact factor : 2.55, Scopus indexed

"β-Cyclodextrin-PANI decorated pencil graphite electrode for the electrochemical sensing of morin in almonds and mulberry leaves." SN Applied Sciences 2.10 (2020): 1-10.Publisher : Springer Nature; INSPEC indexed


Inspire scholar for the year 2013-2018, BSc Chemistry 3rd Rank holder in Calicut University in the year 2016.
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