Ms. Sherin Rison

Ms. Sherin Rison

M.Sc Chemistry, (PhD - Electro Chemistry)
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"Platinum decorated polythiophene modified stainless steel for electrocatalytic oxidation of benzyl alcohol." Journal of Applied Electrochemistry 49.9 (2019): 937-947. Publisher: Springer ; Impact factor: 2.39, Scopus indexed

"Molecularly imprinted PEDOT on carbon fiber paper electrode for the electrochemical determination of 2, 4-dichlorophenol." Synthetic Metals 261 (2020): 116309. Publisher: Elsevier ; Impact factor: 2.9, Scopus indexed

"MnO2 Nanoclusters Decorated on Graphene Modified Pencil Graphite Electrode for Non‐Enzymatic Determination of Cholesterol." Electroanalysis 32.10 (2020): 2128-2136. Publisher : Wiley Online library ; Impact factor : 2.55, Scopus indexed

"β-Cyclodextrin-PANI decorated pencil graphite electrode for the electrochemical sensing of morin in almonds and mulberry leaves." SN Applied Sciences 2.10 (2020): 1-10.Publisher : Springer Nature; INSPEC indexed

Turning of the surface structure of silver nanoparticles using Gum Arabic for enhanced electrocatalytic oxidation of morin" in Applied Surface Science Advances (impact factor 6.61)


Inspire scholar for the year 2013-2018, BSc Chemistry 3rd Rank holder in Calicut University in the year 2016.
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