NEP B. Sc. Cs.M. (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Mathematics)

The Bachelor of Science program is a four-year undergraduate honours program course that is designed to provide a comprehensive foundation to the subject and to help students develop the ability to successfully continue with further studies and research in the subject while they are equipped with the required skills at various stages. The framework is designed to equip students with valuable cognitive abilities and skills so that they are successful in meeting the diverse needs of professional careers in a developing and knowledge-based society. The curriculum framework takes into account the need to maintain globally competitive standards of achievement in terms of the knowledge and skills in the subject, as well as to develop scientific orientation, the spirit of enquiry problem-solving skills, and human and professional values which foster rational and critical thinking in student.

Computer Science: The scope of Computer Science has widened and has foregrounded it in the field of research and development. The course has a theoretical component coupled with a practical component. The course sensitizes the students to the recent advances in the field and helps them to envision the upcoming challenges in it.


Mathematics: The course in Mathematics is designed to strengthen the concepts and improve knowledge. The academic curriculum has both theory and practical sessions. The course aims at easy explication of formidable mathematical concepts. It helps the students to enjoy Mathematics, pose and solve meaningful problems, use abstraction to perceive relationships and structure as well as understand the basic structure of the subject. The course enables the students to develop and appreciate various concepts in Mathematics like Analysis, Algebra, Differential Equations, Numerical methods. FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) tools like SCILAB and MAXIMA are used in the mathematical learning environment.

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