Our Alumni, Our Pride:  As a part of our core values, we hold our students, both past and present in high esteem who have hand-held us in building our institute. Our alumni have made us proud with their enlightening presence nationally and internationally. Whether students have recently graduated, or graduated some time ago, we are always interested in their accomplishments and where their paths have taken them beyond the campus. 

Our Alumni as Mentors: They have made an impact by mentoring our current students by advising their juniors on opportunities for higher education, sharing their personal and professional experiences, engaging with them in real time or virtually, thus assisting our student community with setting their foot in the professional world. Our alumni have managed to inculcate valuable lessons of honesty, hard work, and determination in their juniors. 

Yaadein: The Alumni Meeting, Yaadein, that is held annually is a networking event conceived to exchange experiences and to share ideas with current students, faculty and staff. Added to that, the Alumni Association creates and keeps the Alumni interested in their Education Guild and thus paving a way for them to contribute to their Alma matter. 

Goals: The Alumni Association has the following goals that can be availed by member students:

Networking: Create a strong network that will help all our students to keep in touch with one another.

Bond with each other: Attend or Organize events, talks, guest lectures and celebrating the Alumni day, Yaadein’, which is held on the 4th Saturday in the month of January every year. 

The Joy of giving: The Alumni students can participate by making contribution to CAIAS Heirloom, to create a pool of their hand-me-down books, stationery, blazers and the like. 

Use CAIAS resources: The Alumni students can use the existing library and other e-resources after registration.  Member students can avail of the gym, turf court using a booking facility.

Dear Alumni, thank you for making this community a healthy chapter. You are the true ambassadors of the Institute. Appreciate for being a strong community which will facilitate in the lateral and vertical growth of Christ Academy Institute for Advanced Studies. 

Yaadein 2022 | The 3rd Alumni Meet at Christ Academy Institute for Advanced Studies was observed on May 14, 2022.

The touch-base moment for the Alumni post-pandemic was a  joie de vivre occasion for the Alumni, the faculty, and Management. 


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