Student Council

The Students’ Council is a body which comprises of elected student representatives of Christ Academy Institute for Advanced Studies. An official students’ election is conducted every year after which an oath taking ceremony is organized that officially grants the students their roles and responsibilities. The Students’ Council has a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Associate Secretary for cultural activities, literary activities and sports.
The Student Council exists to enhance the overall graduate experience at CAIAS by promoting the general welfare and concerns of the student body, creating new programs and initiatives to provide opportunities for growth and interaction, and communicating with the Administration and Faculty on behalf of students.  An official student election is conducted every year, post which an oath taking ceremony is organized which officializes their roles and responsibilities.

Student Council 2017-2018:

  • Christine Benny (President)    
  • Joe Anthony (Vice President)            
  • Vinay Kumar G S (Cultural Secretary)
  • Kiran Param (Aso. Cultural Secretary)
  • Nithin Jomi (Literary Secretary)    
  • Dalton P (Aso.Literary Secretary)    
  • Vinay Kumar S (Sports Secretary)
  • Sishir Das (Aso.Sports Secretary)
  • Shweta    S (Treasurer)    
  • Fr.Antony Pottokaran (Director)


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